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Whilst performing on Broadway in the summer of 2015, I gathered together some remnants of the New York Factory actors (who had already done a fair bit of work with Tim Carroll and Louis Scheeder), and we began doing some work together on various Shakespeare scenes once a week in an unused foyer at the Winter Garden. At some point we decided to really terrify ourselves, so we learnt Measure for Measure in a couple of weeks and threw it on at midnight one hot June Friday night, just for the sheer hell of it, unplanned promenade-style (as in, I just left it up to the actors to decide when and where to move the audience) in The Players Club, a private members club in a neo-gothic mansion. However, we had barely reached Act 3 when the club shut; we tipped everyone out on to the street, expecting most of them to scarper. But they stayed - they stayed! - and the last things I remember are chaining myself to the gates of Gramercy Park in protest as Isabella confronted the Duke at 2.30am, Mariana revealing herself to Angelo from under a borrowed umbrella, and whoops of joy echoing between Shakespeare's words, as New York celebrated same-sex marriage finally becoming enshrined in law long into the night.

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